Thursday, August 04, 2005

Monsanto officially "More Evil" than Halliburton

Well, it's finally happened, Monsanto the Genetic food giant has offically (in my book anyway) clawed it's way up that dubious ladder that leads to the throne of "most evil multinational company".

How have they done this you ask? Well it's not what you think, it's not, for instance the fact that they have genetically altered crop seeds so that they cannot reproduce themselves. So, farmers have to pay for each yeild as without an additional Monsanto issuance of seeds there will be no crop the following year.

No it's not the seed issue.

What could it be? Well a Greenpeace patent monitor has found that Monsanto has applied for a two patents in 160 countries. The first of these patents is WO 2005/015989 which claims property rights on several very basic methods of pig breeding that speed up pig breeding and enhance specific pig traits.. This is then followed by patent number WO 2005/017204 which claims property rights on all offspring of the previous patent.

This effectively means that Monsanto has APPLIED TO PATENT THE PIG.

Monsanto seems to be looking forward to a world where all food that is consumed by the people of this planet is owned by Monsanto.

If I was paranoid I might see this as a the beginning of a ploy for world domination via the planets food supply, but that of course would be crazy right?


For the full Green Peace story check out:

The GreenPeace article

Peace and Hope for a world that is free of ownership.


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