Friday, June 17, 2005

Das Frauleinbot....Sex doll invented by Nazis

Just in from the historical archives of "Words of Fire, Ink of Blood".... apparently the Nazis invented the world’s first blow up sex doll.

Her name, or at least her project name was "Borghild" (in Norse mythology the wife of Sigmund and Mother of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer) and was, in true Nazi fashion euphemistically referred to as a "field hygienic project", Final Solution anyone?.

Apparently this was a project that was ordered direct from the office of Heinrich Himmler who had become concerned about the "Unnecessary losses" that the German army was suffering in occupied France at the time due to the charms of the French prostitutes.

Borghild was born, built, created, Dresden in 1941 with what was referred to as "skin friendly polymers" and, ehm, a "realistic organ". Of course being built by the Nazis meant that she was manufactured to their Aryan ideal of beauty, pale skin, blue eyes, and of course blonde hair - Nazis are nothing if not predictable.

Borghilds "father"
IG Farben said of his creation that its face was an "artificial face of lust.....exactly like the common wanton's face."

Apparently it never got widespread distribution across the Fronts, because as the fortunes of the war changed, and the Nazis were forced into retreat, the project was shelved.

Unfortunatly no photographic of Borghild exists. Still you have to run the idea up the flagpole and give it a manly and erect salute.

Peace and Hope



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