Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Venus Flytrap

Ok people, since I have been gone for a while, and as a result of a lack of posting the hits on this site have dropped to an almost embarrasing level. But now with the new flood of posts (starting this week) I am going to follow my friend "scrubjockeys" plan for getting his hits back up to a point where he felt that he was actually being read by someone.

Well if it worked for him, it should work for let's get that flytrap working on the unsuspecting denzines of the web......

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So with that stream of obscenity I should at least let the net giger counter light up a bit, and get one or two more hits than I would have normally, trapping the "prolapsed fake vaginas" web searchers into some kind of literary situation (pictures and videos all the time are bad for your health you know) where I can convince them that ceaseless masturbation is a bad thing if it's not placed in it's proper context.

"Wecome back FatherCrow"

"Thanks it's good to be back".

Peace and Hope



Anonymous Phaser Ink said...

Wow! That was quite the story telling! Im quite amazed at all the things you've done! No wonder your soo happy! Well I hope you had your fun and excitement. In the mean while, as winters kicking in right now, we might be expecting some change! A change in weather hopefully to the better :} I dunno, some how reading about what you wrote makes me remember things that I never thought I would have ever remembered, funny how that works doesn't it??
-Much LoVe

8:39 AM  

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