Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Old Capitalist White Billionaire Scum, are finally starting to get whats coming to them.

"But I'm 80, i'll die in prison!" - yes you will, yes you will indeed........MWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

Finally some good news emanating from the bowel that is America's court system.

John J. Rigas (pictured in the photo above) head of the worlds sixth largest cable company Adelphi Communications Corporation has just been sentenced to 15 years in prison for looting billions of dollars from his company's coffers.

Previously this kind of prison sentence was only meted out to teenagers who sold a ten dollar bag of marijuana to their friends.

Rigas who still maintains to this day that he did nothing wrong, was reminded that this might not in fact be the case when Judge Leonard B. Sand of Federal District Court in Manhattan said "Even to this moment, you say you did nothing wrong; that's what is unacceptable." apparently it's about fifteen years worth of unacceptable.

Won't the poor man be lonely in Prison? no, not at all. Due to a rare bout of humanitarian thinking on the courts behalf, Timothy J. Rigas, Mr. Rigas's 49-year-old son and former CFO (chief finaincial officer) of the company was sentenced to twenty years at the same trial. His other son, Michael, was acquitted of conspiracy and wire fraud charges. Though before he starts any celebration of freedom he still has to face down the barrel of another trial in October for securities and bank fraud counts. So there may well be a large Rigas family reunion in prison yet.

Riga's gaggle of defense lawers, who were obviously of the opinion that this case was going to be treated like most white collar crime that strangles millions of working people a year, petitioned for a maximum sentence of six months for Mr. Rigas and his son.

Peter Fleming, the lead defense lawyer on the Riga's trial said "It's a very stiff sentence. We're living in hard times." Perhaps he was wondering who was going to pay his fee, cause if you look at most white collar criminals, here and in the States you'll find that they aren't going through any hard times at all, compared to the working class and colored people (4,919 black male prison and jail inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, 1,717 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 717 white male inmates per 100,000 white males, mostly poor white males).

The tide is starting to turn, perhaps, where the most dangerous criminals are concerned, those that cause untold misery to an untold number of people the world over. These people are not the violent criminals or drug dealers that the media so frequently uses to scare us into staying home. They are the white collar criminals, those of them who destroy the ecology of the planet, lose whole demographics their jobs, exploit children and third world countries, some even going so far as to co-operate with death squads to sort out management-worker relations.

The people in power in the US, to save their own scrawney necks from the enraged hoi-polloi are beginning to look at you, your books, and your crimes. It doesn't matter how powerfull your lobbies are, when the politicians are faced with a choice between them and you - you will be sacrificed if it keeps the torch bearing mob from their doors.

This case will hopefully set a precedent of stiffer sentences, I for one would dearly like to attend the disembowelment and quartering of CEO's that for their own personal gain cause the suffering of others.

It is a step on the way to deconstructing the Corporation in its entirety.

Peace and Hope.



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