Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Right busy but....

I will shortly be starting a work of fiction based on co-worker, and team leader du jour, Peadar, involving his potential to become a serial killer.

To illustrate how much potential there is of this idea manifesting itself in reality, Peadar has insisted that his name remain the same, even his last.

How fucked up is that?

People say I am strange, but the more I find out about Peadar it seems like comparing Marcel Marceau and, well, I dunno, Hitler?

Now all the neighbors say, "He seemed like such a pleasent, quiet guy"....and the blood goes, drip, drip, drip..........

Im gonna see if I can get this story to uncurl itself from the mould encrusted cellar of my brain, so unless something mad happens, dont expect me to post until I can exorcise it.

Peadar, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!

Peace and Hope



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