Thursday, November 04, 2004

Awwwww Sheeeeeet

The world today, kicked in its tv, popped a valium, and went out to look for a heroin dealer.

Warren Ellis who is in San Fran at this moment gives you the mood over there. "The only happy people I've seen today are two staggeringly stoned lesbian hippies who appear not to know which country they're in. And while they're inside the coffee shop managing their munchies, the cops are ticketing their hippiemobile on the street."

The world is a reality TV show for aliens, the ratings are soaring, Grey bug eyed Holovision execs cream their shiny silver space pants, things are going swimmingly, so the aliens leave their most popular monkey in charge. The show "Terranicide" is going to overtake Ursa Minors "Celebrity Execution" in a month or two. So George gets to play with his own shit and the largest most powerful army in the world for another four years......

We are truly fucked.

And those American Morons who voted Republican get what they deserve.

I've decided to devolve back into amoeba and fuck off back to the sea, call me when the human race gets its shit together.



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