Friday, October 15, 2004

Bush denies "Official start of Crusades"


Taken from NewsEire:

WASHINGTON (NewsEire): President George Bush on Friday denied reinforcing beleaguered US troops in Iraq with a battalion code named "Knights of the Twenty-Four Thrones" recruited from various extreme Christian factions of Protestant and Catholic extraction.

President Bush stated "It is careless and frankly untrue to say, that in order to avoid implementing what would be an unpopular draft, this administration is recruiting entire religious orders into the US Army. I also refute the unproven reports that in return for their service, we have agreed to implement a modern Inquisition. Nothing could be further from the truth."

However, some Democrats have cast doubt on the veracity of this statement when it was revealed that in several states across America, many Church Services had been canceled, and religious properties sold to real estate developers. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic prelate in Colorado said that this was as a result of "fewer laymen and women devoting themselves to a vocation within the Church."

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