Friday, October 01, 2004

Dirty Bomb Disinformation

Last week the BBC showed a drama about a dirty bomb in London. The show was, in my mind, intended to keep everyone scared shitless about terrorism.

But a forthcoming documentary shows that dirty bombs are actually an impossibility. The Americans know this: the CIA tried for several years to make one, then they realised that blowing up radioactive material wouldn't hurt anyone at all.

Radioactive materials, blown up turn into dust, which disperses so incredibly quickly you would need to be exposed to it for approximatly a year before any real damage happened.

The name of this documentary is "The Power Of Nightmares", it shows how politicians are using invented stories like the dirty bomb to keep people scared, and themselves in power.

It seems to be the old story of the fascist state, that can only exist in times of perpetual war. The people need to be scared of something, and it does not really matter who they are scared of. It can be black people, arab people, people with red hair, people with doesn't matter so long as they are smaller than you are.

The Documentary also attempts to demonstrate that the claim that Al-Qaeda is a global, hidden, terror network is also a myth.

What channel is this BBC-debunking documentary showing on?

BBC2 of course.

Peace and Hope



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