Friday, October 01, 2004

Call me Lazarus....

Jesus, still breathing, albeit barely.......managed to make it into work today, more out of my tendency to be a completely crap patient than any miracle "cure".

I sit here with my feet in a bucket of hot water, towel around my head coughing and wheezing like I have some kind of lung wasting disease, spittle covered strepsils machine gunning out of my mouth and onto on my desk with every cough.

Just be glad you dont work with me.

Normal writing service will be resumed Monday morning, sorry for the gaps and the reduction of actually "interesting" written material.

Good things come to those who wait.

I gotta go now and give a good hacking cough into the buildings air conditioning system. Gotta spread the disease, not out of malice to my co-workers you understand, just to again slow down productivity.

You guys might get an image or two if you are lucky......

Peace and Hope (that this doesn't kill me in the end)



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