Thursday, September 23, 2004


Ok, I've re-enabled anon posting for the less technical, but play nice....feel free to comment. Ill comment back. Though I would appreciate it if you left your name, or a handle I can recognise.

I was thinking that this had the potential to evolve into a kinda message board for friends and there's a thought.

Oh and the volume of writing will decline after this week, since I am on what is known as "change freeze" here in work, which frees up quite a bit of time. Change freeze ends Friday. So the occasional shorter post should appear, with one or two longer ones (which to be honest are all written at home, so depending on how much blood and sweat my corporate masters wring from me, could be less or more).

But don't despair (as if any of you would), I'm gonna finish off this ejaculation of writing with one last piece of fast fiction tomorrow, which kinda, in a strange way, ties into the one earlier this week.

Oh and by the way, the word of the day is ......."schadenfreude"........those wacky Germans.

Peace and Hope



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