Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Chemical Cosh Kills

More ass covering from the pharmaceutical companies and the state bodies that police and profit off them this week. Last year Britain warned physicians not to treat depression in young teenagers and children with anti-depressant drugs, because, they said, the drugs failed to treat depression and instead caused high risk of suicide. All over Britain cold shudders ran up the spines of thousands of GP's and they, pens in hand, paused over the perscription chits.

This warning came after an initial study suggested that teenagers were dying by self inflicted methods as a result of taking these drugs. Three further studies intended to disprove this hypothesis only ended up supporting the findings of the initial one.

Britain's Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) the Sasnach equivalent of the Yank Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said a year ago that these drugs could cause children and teenagers to commit suicide.

The day before yesterday the FDA admitted that the drugs Paxil, from GlaxoSmithKline; Zoloft, from Pfizer; Effexor, from Wyeth; Celexa and Lexapro, from Forest Laboratories Inc.; and Luvox, from Solvay can cause kids to commit suicide.

Oddly enough Prozac, which I assume is the most popular, because its the one I hear most about, was left off the list. Either because it is safe for kids to consume, or because it has a very, very powerful lobby since 12 million Americans are receiving regular prescriptions of the drug.

Gardiner Harris in the New York Times tried to sedate angry parents by saying "The risk of suicide among patients given the pills is very small. If 100 children and teenagers are given antidepressants, 2 or 3 will become suicidal who otherwise would not have had they been given placebos". 2 or 3 in every hundred, yeah? thats tiny, put that into the millions and how many dead kids is that? How many grieving parents? Oh and don't worry about the studies, no kid actually committed suicide, though a few attempted it (and I am sure that someone was around to restrain them and put a check in a box when they tried).

So humans, can you just imagine the grief of the parents that put their little Jimmy on Zoloft because they lived in the Midwest and had read the local church brochure about kids listening to Marilyn Manson? Sedation and more time at Church was the advice. One more dead kid by the record player will be the result....time to call your lawyer and sue the band.

If anyone knows what the medical establishments approach to this in Ireland is, mail me, or register and leave a comment. But from the country that brought you the Magadalene laundries, it's probably still going on.

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