Friday, September 17, 2004

First Post in the Hours of Chaos

First Post in the Hours of Chaos

First post of my first blog, in the New American Century.

I write as structures we invented hundreds of years ago that are no longer relevant crumble, religions, beuracracies, governments, the forces of order try to impose more and only foster chaos. As men and women die in a war engineered to siphon blood and oil and morph it into money for the elite of America. As my government in Ireland bend down and gives head to the Neocons of America as thanks for the Big Macs and Cokes, as thanks for the temporary transfer of corporate incubus's to my homeland of Ireland.

I write as geneticists remove the gene from animals that make them recognise reward for work and not need it. As Secret Societies Cinemas and restauraunts are discovered in the aincent catacombs beneath Paris, as Humans write pornblography and fantasise of their eventual evolution into machines, as men dream of sex with childrens toys and puppets.

I write as history speeds up to a point that we can only watch with shielded eyes as it spins past in a blur of colour and blood. I write as memory spits in my face and the future evolves and gives birth to demons and angels whose true forms will only be known in decades to come.

I write. I catalogue. I watch. And unknowingly participate. As will you if you follow me down the path of future, day, night, life and death.

Earth walk with me. Water walk with me. Air walk with me. Fire walk with me. Spirit walk with me. Walk with me.

Peace and Hope


To get a feel of who the hell is writing this try my homepage "words of fire, ink of blood" which can be found on


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