Friday, September 17, 2004

Lucy's coming over for the weekend

"Nearly there, nearly there" goes the mantra in the back of my head. The seconds tick away as the workday comes to an end. A day of chasing id's from server to server, trying to find out if they are relevant or should be killed, evasive little things.

Still as the pedestrian pedantic and financially unrewarding week wheezes its deaththrows, I prepare for Saturday evening when Lucy comes over. Then I and a few of my close friends, or as the outside world would know them, conspiritors gather in an underground grotto somewhere in the center of Dublin and are paid a visit by Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The preparations are intense, tonight a bottle of champagne and some tea prior to emerging into the sharp September night of Dublin to summon Bacchus at a Jungle club and celebrate Mac's breaching of his 30th year. Mac's nervous of being the oldest raver around, but at least he always has the comfort that i'm two years older than him and will inevitably be in the same club tracking down the heart of Saturday night.

Over the last few days I have been revisiting the Lovecraftian phase of my teen years. Reading some short stories, downloading a documentary about H.P.'s life, buying Dagon (a most underrated horror movie, which you might consider checking out) and investigating the unwise (at least from my perspective) use of the Cthulu mythos in the Chaos Magick Practice. This I am sure will mould some of my interactions with Lucy tomorrow. Due to the fact that the arena for the experience is peppered with Cthulu and Baba Yaga dolls, should allow me to address the darker aspects of my personality. Hastur la vista baby.... This might allow me to focus on some of the more self destructive parts of myself, which I can endeavour to rewrite the imprints of in the safe environment of Mac's home. Later post the experience when I have assimilated the whole thing I can attempt to exorcise any latent negative effects through a Magickal banishing ritual. The details of which I can put together next week sometime, the ritual hopefully happening sometime next weekend. Then another piece of my personal evolution will have come full circle. All of this will hopefully open the way for further non-chemical induced work over the next month or two.

There are many that say the best methods of personal evolution are those that are approached without drugs, there are others that say the quickest and most sure way of achieving personal growth is with drugs. I myself take the middle road. In my view there are sudden and blinding revalations that one can achieve with hallucinogens, enthogens what have you, that given the right friends, the right state of mind and the right setting can allow you to move forward on your journey. However, in my experience, these experiences can be greatly augmented by a serious meditation and magickal regime. So here goes. More will inevitably be forthcoming around Monday and Tuesday when, you as an observer can realtime watch my attempts to reintigrate myself into consensus reality.

Do what thou wilt, as uncle Al was fond of saying.

Peace and Hope



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