Monday, September 20, 2004

Reality Bites, while Primates feed Primates

"Hell is other people" - Jean Paul Satre.

Well I gotta say, there are at least four quite disappointed psychonauts this Monday morning. My own disappointment is palpable to those that have to sit around me in the cube farm my "ITCLONE" personality inhabits on a ninetofive.

It turned out that one of the five's systems could not handle the Friday night, which like the night shift in a Gulag went on until at least nine in the morning and left the participant exhausted shaking, headache ridden and I would imagine with bowel problems of a kind. It turns out the weekend was one for celebrations and commiserations. I did not accompany the Jungalists on their night out, for being male, and forgetfull, I did not realise until the very last minute that it was actually the first anniversary of my current relationship, so many purchases had to be made at the last minute, the most notable of which was a good bottle of Champagne. So of course, I and my Girlfriend had to stay in by the fire to drink it all, which we duly did and retired for an evening of lepus like behaviour.

Mac and his girlfriend, evidently went out full swing and continued twitching like meat puppets till we ran into them, grey faced with tiredness at about two the following afternoon, they did not look well, in fact they barely looked human.......I saw my reflection Mac's eyes, its rarely that I get to be on the other side of the equation. We didn't get to talk much as I was already pushed to the edge of sanity by my afternoon veneration of Mammon in Henry street, which has driven lesser men insane, and caused their girlfriends to be forever prisoners of the shoe department in Roches stores. Myself and my beau, returned home with our purchases and at least a hundred candles which we had purchased for the evenings dimensional blurring.

Later that evening, through the static of a dying mobile phone I learn that the evening is called off. Mac's girlfriend has been stricken by the post party plague. Still its understandable, as it would have been Lao's first experience with Dr. Hoffmans concoction, and Mac being the devoted boyfriend that he is would have wanted to stay home and minister to his wounded lover, plus it was his Lucy. I can see why he did not want to upset the dynamic, and deny a virgin from popping their cherry, so to speak. Still, I think I speak for the rest of us when I voice a booming "FUCK" - there will of course be another day.

The Sunday had to be rescued by whatever means necessary. So I took M and L to the zoo where I watched L (who is four by the way) screeching and clawing the window of the baby chimp's environment while it was fed by a rather Primate looking keeper who had the permanently suspicious look of the Gorillas we were to see later. Monkey watching Monkey watching Monkey feeding Monkey........a Mobius loop, or a bunch of monkey's eating their own tails, you decide.

Of course there were other highlights, one of which for me was L's truimph on several climbing obstacles in the playgrounds that were scattered around the zoo's grounds...but I beat her time on each one. She's quick for a four year old but still my 32 year old skill and dexterity saw me through.

Now Monday and the cycle begins anew. More rantings and ravings on various topics later, that is if I can get the fucking coffee machine to serve me without having to put it in and handcuffs and a gimp mask.

Peace and Hope



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