Thursday, September 23, 2004

Shellac to play Dublin

On one of my frequent perambulations through Dublin city, I happened to wander into City Records in Temple Bar. After perusing several poetential audio delights, I settled upon Shellac's last album 1000 Hurts (pictured above). I already had Terraform, and Live at Action Park, and was sorely in need of more of Mr. Albinis serrated knife aggression.

Bringing my purchase to the counter, the long haired, bearded and bandana wearing twenty something suddenly had, what appeared to me to be a hot flush of some kind. After starting to rock excitedly on the balls of his feet, he breathlessly whispered to me, that it was all very hush hush, on the QT and off the record but Shellac were playing a gig here in Dublin City soon.

Apparently the venue has yet to be disclosed as my twenty something partner in crime told me, but it is likely to be the Village, a bumper venue indeed. Tickets are apparently going on sale in a day or two. If you want to avoid the scurrilous rack rent penalties that Ticket Master impose for just standing up and giving you the ticket, then I would drop into City Records in Temple Bar in the next few days and they should be able to supply you with a ticket to gritted teeth heaven.

And remember, ladies and Gentlemen.........


Suits you Sir.

UPDATE:27/09/2004: Just in from the Southern Records Site: Shellac
Sat Nov 27 2004

Peace and Hope



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