Thursday, October 14, 2004

High Tech, Low Enjoyment


The population of Cairo (pictured above in WWII with a meuzzin strutting his stuff) seems to be up in arms this week because of plans to connect all their mosques with wi-fi. This will be done in order that there is only one single call to prayer for the faithful, rather than a multitude of different ones.

Concurrently the Islamic Zealot fun police in Saudi Arabia are planning to compel muezzins to sing in boring monotones, rather than anything too tonal or musical. Allah knows why! It's Probably another monotheist theory of the more fun you have on earth, the less in the afterlife.

It is generally acknowledged that the first muezzin was a black man, an ex-slave named Bilal. A section of music scholars theorise that the call to prayer is actually the geographic origin of what then evolved into the blues, due to the huge forced migration of African muslims to the southern states of America as a result of slavery.

Stranger things have happened at sea, so they tell me.

Peace and Hope



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