Monday, November 01, 2004

Updates from beyond the Grave...

Right, well, its been a while since I managed to post. Due to a trip to the island, a four day tortuously boring db2 course, and spending the entire weekend sorting out a Halloween for a four year old, I have not had the time I might have had to update the blog.

Rest assured though, further posts are coming, if only to satisfy my need to sort out the Island wake experience in my head.

However that will not happen until at least tomorrow, quite possibly Wednesday as I am, at the moment embrioled in moving all my shit from one side of my work campus to the other. Whilst I am doing this every muscle in my body is protesting and moaning low, as Saturday night was spent at a Striknein D.C./Goldblade punk gig jumping off stages and slamdancing.....and there was me thinking I was too old for this shit, apparently not.

In addition to all that, this morning a tremendous Haloween hangover is weighing heavy around my neck like an alcoholic stock of some kind, mostly due to the ministrations of the man who nearly got me arrested on explosives charges last night. It's a long story, but it involved rockets, bangers, a broken roof, my upstairs neighbor, the guards, my father and an angry bitter old wench who lives in the house opposite, she didn't appreciate my local version of "shock and awe" tactics.

Anyways when all the shit is moved and plugged in, I can then begin to address the profoundly effecting weekend on the Island I had. And start to get over the weekend that has just passed.

Peace and Hope



Blogger Pavel said...

I have read the account of the wake several times.I found the blog while I was travelling to my own fathers'
funeral and experienced many of the same situations of feeling an alien
and trying to be a good soul myself
in meeting the natives of my area most of whom I did not know. What a strange coincidence. I really do appreciate your style and am grateful for the sense of company which you gave me in my struggle at the time.

10:54 PM  
Blogger fathercrow said...


11:11 AM  

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