Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Coming attractions, or not......

Well it seems like I am embroiled in a huge work that no one is going to see. For the last two days I have been tied to the mast of a memoir like analysis of my time on the Island. It is not finished yet, nor will it be for a day or two, (possibly earlier but don't bet on it).

I am quite pleased with it, but felt that it was a duty to at least show it to M before I posted it, even in its unfinished state. This I did, and it was liked - but even with no names mentioned, of either the Island or the people involved, it still covers a topic that if you think about it is incrediby personal to her. So the decision as to whether or not I post it on this blog now rests with M. I would like to post, but this is only a portion of my life we are talking about, and a large chunk of hers, so the final decision rests with her.

The experience on the island was an intense one, and one that I learnt much from. However writers are cannibals, they eat their loved ones, friends and enemies alike, all for their "art", and generally don't give a damn who they write about or what it concerns, so long as it is true at least from one perspective. I have been guilty of this kind of behaviour myself in the past. But cannot afford to be now.

This time however is different, the piece will be written, even if not posted, and as such it will take from the amount of time I normally spend writing shorter posts on this blog, so bear with me, and understand, at the end of it there may be nothing to show on the blog. If that is the case I will try to make up for the lack of new content on the page, with some political waffle, and a couple of dick jokes. Or maybe just Dick jokes, as the current state of the US election may well cause me to swear off news, politics and social issues forever, move home, disappear into the basement with a playstation and fourteen tons of snickers bars and never, ever, ever emerge again.

Thanks for your patience.

Peace and Hope



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