Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Oaxaca Haiku

In these dark days of winter, I thought some Haiku I wrote in the bleached dust and dry heat of Oaxaca, Mexico might serve to warm some of you up.

Peace and Hope


Cops heavy with Guns
Dirty jokes, Spanish sweat
My eyes are fearless

Tangled tarpaulin
Smell of death and dust
No sale today

The chiseled woman
Gives a warm smile
Slavery still

Sun beats down
Paint gives way
The placards wave

Child cradled
In arms that tire
The doorway is cool

Calm consumes
Jungle, deserts widen
Return to choice

The pigeons talk
Of their flight home
To stations in Eire

Fat Americans
Sweating under hats ask
For fat free dressing

William Burroughs
Left on bus, abandoned
"Wises up a Mark"

Lawrence wrote here
In some shady cafe
Ernie broke his legs

The shanty town
Spreads like a virus
Consumes the hills

Blood of Christ
The blood of torn hearts
Mix in the dust

Mexican beat
Opressed by the heat
Dancers begin slow

Cigarette smoke
Moves at the same pace
as this place

Stone buildings decay
Spanish are long gone
Now we build with tin

Journey to Ixtlan
Replaced by poverty
Journey to nowhere

The beggars request
Silenced by motorcycle
and she moves on

The people here
Survival is in their skin
Sense of humour

Tonight I move
Mountain below, stars above
Bus to sunrise

Swallowed by night
Indian whispers behind
I see my death

The ancient Temple
It is more ordered
Than my life

The Skyscraper towers
Somewhere in its shadow, an
old Brujo hides

He promises drugs,
and friendship, Juan my man in
Mexico, stands

Petals in the desert,
Lift gently, and again
buried in dust

I sit and write
The sun fades, the shadows
twist and lengthen

No Spanish...English
In the Jungle, they hide
not yet touched

A new language
Faltering steps, breathes
Confidence anew

© Fathercrow 2004


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