Monday, March 21, 2005

They took my brain...

And I had to watch....

They strapped me down, got that cranial claw hammer and applied enough pressure for me to hear that sickening hollow cracking as the roof of my skull was prised open, sucking sounds, and a child giggling.

Then they got a desert spoon and scooped out big gloopy portions of my hypothalamus, partially filling a jam jar........

I know this because they set up a monitor for me to watch every special surgical moment on.

Small mercies, they gave me a local..

As a direct result of this invasive surgery I have been lacking in inspiration and motivation for this blog.

Posting will resume as normal when the severed fibres of my brain heal, and the mutilated fragments of my previous personality merge into something new, something horrible, "the other" .

The only thing that keeps me aware that I am still human is the fact I still have an over-riding hatred of Pat Kenny.

Will post when I get around to giving a damn.

Peace and Hope



Blogger Scrubjockey said...

Having already dropped a drug rant, I presume you are OK so I'll just get to the crux of the matter: Did you get it on video? Was it like "Hannibal"? Are you going to have to spend the rest of your life wearing a hat?

1:54 PM  
Blogger fathercrow said...

Not Hannibal, Not Film,

- cries -

Not real

- whimper -


2:52 PM  

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