Friday, March 04, 2005

The Raves have started again, CALL THE COPS...

Oh yes, as the cold spring sun beats down on the distant peaks of the Dublin mountains, and the flowers and hibernating animals wake, you can begin to hear the relentless drumming of distant soundsystems beat again, faint now but slowly, slowly stronger.

We have come out of hibernation with our rare herbs and perscribed chemicals to haunt the countryside again.

This time though, we start in Dublin.

Spring is well and truly here........

I just picked this up off of the subculture info feed. The first of many.

We cannot be stopped.

>On Monday in association with Music Soc
> > >
> > >DCU Electronic Music Society Will be holding an on campus FREE PARTY!
> > >
> > >The Electronic Music Society DJs will be driving a 4k rig in a marquee
> > outside
> > >the hub. Many different styles and sounds on show so there'll b something
> > >for everyone, so put the studies on hold cos its not often we get the chance
> > >to do this!!!!
> > >
> > >Should be starting at 12 in the day and ruunin all day and into the nite
> > >and if the weather sucks the bar is available all nite too!!!!
> > >
> > >Any DJ's interested in playin contact me asap!

I probably won't get there, but that is because myself and my crew are invading Cork next weekend for a 48 hour bout of hedonism, and I need to conserve my batteries.

Further announcements about horrendous hedonsitic illegality will of course be made here on the blog.

So let us begin the party, and keep your eyes peeled for the rich man's milita

Peace and Hope



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