Friday, February 18, 2005

Your Best Interest.

We come and go, we weave in and out, the patterns of our lives are controlled by the power we cede to others and the technology we created..

We want convenience, at whatever cost.

We no longer want freedom.

We want the freedom to live without the desire for freedom.

Things change.

And strange things happen every day.

Do you remember what life was like without the chemical priest, without the micro manager, the social worker, the inspector?

Do you remember what it was like to be asked instead of told?

Do you remember when you were part of decisions that others made that effected your life.

Now they just sit you down at the table and say you are part of the decision, the argot of control is designed to opiate your desire to fight.

The argot of control is designed make you think that you had a part in that decision.

That decision that denied you housing,
That decision that denied you the raise,
That decision that took your child away,
That decison that strapped you to the bed.
That decision that made you incapable of doing anything but watching television.

That decision that locked the door.

You are always consulted, or so it seems.

Sign the form.

We have discussed it, you have offered your explanation, justification and all it resulted in was complication.

Sign the form.

© Fathercrow 2005

Peace and Hope


Sign the form.


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