Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Bonfire of Mammon is stealing our Air.

Housing developers truly are the scum of the earth, not that this is news to anyone, but sometimes it really hits home.

I live in what those fucks call a "forest park residential developement" which according to the literature is akin to what Asterix readers would be familiar with if they have ever read "The Mansions of the Gods" i.e. a beautiful forest and one or two fields with about three blocks of apartments in the middle.

The Apartments are in that endless stretch of suburban desert named NAME OF TOWN. Endless estate after estate of identikit houses punctuated occasionally by a Spar shop, or if you are exceedingly lucky, an industrial estate. In fact I think the entire complement of trees that are ten years or over in NAME OF TOWN are located just next to my apartment complex which I am sure was responsible for the destruction of the last recognisable forest in the area. The few trees that are left have been marked with little silver tags, which have been attached to the trees by nails driven through their bark to spare them from the construction workers chainsaw.

The place was a T.B. islolation area in the fifties, which is, I am sure, why no one built there until about seven years ago.

The disease kept the trees safe, controlled the virus with shoes.

Now I am a practicing occultist, with an obvious sympatico with nature, due to my upbringing, and so as a regular thing I spend a good deal of time walking though the remaining trees, and upon occassion performing magickal rituals there. It's amazing to me how there can be one little strip of natural forest left here, with what must amount to at least three thousand people living in the area and for the whole three plus years that I have been living in NAME OF APARTMENT COMPLEX I have never encountered one single person walking in those woods. I put it down to a peculiar psychology that must obviously effect individuals who live in apartment complexes..

Thankfully I only work in this area, and spend most of my time either in my girlfriends house in Dublin city center (which surprisingly has more trees) or in Howth, where my family resides, which is as close to undisturbed natural beauty as you can get in the post industrial miracle of Celtic Tiger Dublin.

The Developers have, as I am sure will surprise no one, decided to build yet another block of lego apartments, and of late have been creating huge mounds of dirt, and driving new metal stakes into the ground to mark the beginnings of what I am sure will become a eight foot fence.

None of this I mind.

But this morning after rising and making my way out of the complex, I saw one of the aincent trees on the periphery of this last sad remanent of untended nature felled, rended and dead, corpse like on the side of the road. Tag intact.

The last old trees in NAME OF TOWN may be at risk from these cunts who advertise their nature complemented monstrosities and then destroy the last of the nature that made them all that money in the first place.

I saw no Earthmovers, no JCB's no trucks near the site, but if and when I do, and if and when they leave them there overnight there will be sugar in the petrol tanks.

If they continue, I will send the construction company a note to tell them the trees have been spiked. The practice of "spiking" involves driving a spike of a foot or more into the tree, and then camulflaging the entry point so that anyone who attempts to fell the tree runs the risk of the blade of his chainsaw hitting the spike and spitting back in his face. I will not of course spike the trees, but the threat is a good deterrant.

This will Not Stand.

Peace and Hope



Blogger Scrubjockey said...

Oh my. I can just pictures a nice, pleasant looking apartment complex diametrically opposite yours, completely blocking your view. Once they start the work proper they're going to be there for fucking ever as well because that's how builders are. One of the few advantages of living in an urban hellhole like my own is that there is nothing - NOTHING - anyone can do to make it look worse.

1:25 PM  
Blogger fathercrow said...

Yeah, the idea of an additional block does not exactly send me into copulatory spasms of joy.

However if they build the thing in the field in front of my complex, even though it does fuck up the view it's not so bad, as it is in a FIELD.

It`s when they start cutting down "natural grown trees" that I see red.

However we shall see how events unfold, as I said, i`m not taking this lying down

2:40 PM  
Blogger fathercrow said...

As a final follow up to the inital post, it turned out that they were actually building (if that is the right word, creating sounds more suitable) a park for the residents.

The trees remain up, though one or two smaller ones around the outskirts of the forest have been felled.

I have since moved further into the city, to an area with no trees, but is close to the sea and river. So I get by.


3:41 PM  

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