Tuesday, January 11, 2005

And no one's talking about the strange change in the Weather.

As the white clouds swirl in time lapse anger, and the deep rumble of thunder rolls across the lightning slashed sky with the sound of a mine collapsing under your feet. The rains hammer down from the heavens with an intensity that feels like hate, and we sit calmly inside, backs turned and fingers pumping at the games console controller.

Remember the 90's and all that talk of climate change? Remember the governmental meetings, the cacophony of scientists shouting as one at global conferences, shouting of chloroflorocarbonates, of black industrial smoke that would scour the firmament, of a second ice age just when we thought that we had avoided the threat of nuclear winter. All of those educated cries in the desert, ignored by robber barons and bean counters as profits were weighed against the long term collapse of the ecology of our weather?

Well I remember them, I remember them now, a week after the climactic terror inflicted by one of the first Hurricanes in my lifetime to hit Ireland. I remember the deniers of climate change, the calls for proof, as I remember the photos my friend A showed me of the van overturned in his front garden, of the inverted garden shed, the splinter of wood imbedded in his garden wall, the patchwork of tiles torn from his roof.

This is Ireland this does not happen here.

I remember it all as the met office calls for hatches to be battoned down, as the dark seas roll, and hundred mile an hour winds race toward us. This is Ireland this does not happen here. Yearly the flooding increases in frequency and severity. This is Ireland this does not happen here.

The worst storm of the Winter is on its way.

The met office warns of 100 mile an hour winds, collapsing trees, even buildings. The Weather doctors, modern witch doctors like Dr. Kieran Hickey claim it "might" be global warming, or just a bad year, they need to see long term patterns to know for sure. Well I have been back in the country for seven years now, and my hands are nowhere near my eyes, ears or mouth. It is getting worse, year by year, meterologists long term patterns or no. All you have to do is look.

When the rains come, people run and hide.

Peace and Hope.



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