Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Klaus Barbie Christmas

And now some tasteless Christmas Doggeral for you all..........................

T'is the night before Christmas,
and all around the house,
no one is stirring,
not even Klaus.

He sits in his dress uniform,
cleaning his gun,
muttering under his breath,
and waiting for Santy to come.

The bearded fat bastard,
all clothed in red,
Yearly eluded Klaus' death squads,
by hiding in a remote shed.

But this year, for shock and for awe,
Klaus has discovered Nic's secret,
And now he crouches behind the shed's door.

This year there will be no escape,
This year Santy will roar
As Klaus' high calibre bullets
drop him screaming,
onto the floor.

But Santy, no fool, sends the sleigh down ahead,
and whilst Klaus is distracted,
creeps down the chimney, and under the bed.

He watches Klaus touch himself, the Nazi raises his gun.
"Heh Heh!" whispers Klaus "I've never had so much fun"
But behind him, Santy, prepared for the Hun,
Whispers "bad boys and Girls, never realize they should RUN!!"

Santy creeps up behind him,
A Spacemans helmet he has,
Santy jams it over the Krauts head
and fills it with gas.

And so little children,
A Christmas irony you see,
as bad boys and girls,
would be drowned in the sea,

But Klaus was a Nazi,
Killed many people he has,
So in the same way he killed them,
He now dies by the gas.

Happy Christmas everyone!!!! - this is the last you will hear from me until after the New Year.

© Fathercrow 2004

Peace and Hope



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