Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Food for your head, and it is a Feast.....

May I present, the Disinformation Company Grand Warlock RichardMetzger's "Infinity Factory"....

All of the programs are worth watching, but be sure to
check out the two part interview with famed
Guerrilla Ontologist Robert Anton Wilson.

Metzger and TOPY (Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth)
leader Genesis P Orridge ask the questions and add
some comments of their own.

A foundation course in the malleability of realities.


Do not adjust your perception,
it is reality that is malfunctioning.....

Oh yeah.

Peace and Hope



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey thanks for that link! infinity factory rules, rinf is one nice site on the whole, i'm into the book section.. and how much information!?

1:13 PM  

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