Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Into the Woods of 2005

Sirens wail in the morning grey of the city.

A young boy hoses blood of the sidewalk.

The Corpse of 2004 has been taken away in the meat wagon.

Investigations continue into allegations that the year 2004 commited numerous murders, works of art, robberies, rapes, acts of benelovence, beatings, corporate scams, moments of beauty, financial rip offs, lifetimes of realization, of rebirth, love and hate.

At this time there are multiple suspects, police are not ruling out foul play.

Word on the street is, that 2004's younger sibling 2005 may be responsible for the crime.

The year of 2005 may be recognised as a numeric abstraction, a state of mind, a cross section of space time, and a place. Its favoured manifestation is as a metaphoric forest.

If you witness a year matching this description please report it to the police.

Peace and Hope for the New Years eventual comprehension.



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