Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Richard Newport White, Rest In Peace

Captain R.N. "Dick" White in the cockpit of a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

Richard Newport White: 21st May 1924 - 5th June 2010

My Eulogy for my stepfather Captain R.N. White:

"It is few men indeed that are offered the chance to help save the world.

And it is fewer still that have the courage and conviction to seize that moment.

Having both, Richard, rose and looked into the blackest parts of the twentieth century, for his family, for Ireland, and for us and did not flinch.

Richard, for those of you do not know, saw active duty with the RAF in the fight against Japan during World War Two.

He joined to fight the Nazis, whose dark cloud he watched, as it engulfed Europe, as entire peoples disappeared, and did not stand by.

I think Richard, and the Irish men like him, who fought against the Axis, redeemed this country in the annals of history for it's inaction in the face of Nazi and Fascist conquest.

Ultimately I think, what propelled him into history was love.

And that is what I and my family feel for him, whenever we pass a place we have spent time with him, wherever we are in a place he has spoken of, whenever we are doing something that he advised us how to do.

A deep, and overwhelming love.

Richard first came into my life twenty years ago, when he met my Mother at a lecture in Trinity College.

If any of you have ever discussed the reality of "love at first site" debate no more, for it truly was and continued to be. Both I and my sister feel privileged to have born witness to their unconditional and incandescent love.

As for myself, it is hard for me to put into words what he meant to me, let alone what his life signified to others.

Richard had managed to fit at least the substance of 10 lives into his one, and was something of a polymath.

His quiet, noble, and dignified manner taught me something new every single time I encountered him, which is something I can say of no other person,

We also never had an argument, again, something I can say of no other person.

I loved him, my family loved him, we lived in his light.

And now he is gone.

No more Heroes anymore.

Goodbye Richard."

Peace and Hope



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