Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tree Penis, Berlin 2007

(Tree Penis, East Berlin, 2007 Image © FatherCrow 2007)

All, I am away for a few more days, next post will appear this coming week. The posts are infrequent I know, but they're long, they have to be interesting to me, and they take some time to write.

Patience is a virtue.

By the way, the Tree Penis was autographed "Penis Crew" so props to them. Funnest piece of street art I've seen in ages. You think the damn thing is some kind of disease infected branch when you are walking towards the tree it's attached to.

Who says the Germans have no sense of humour.

I must away.

Peace and Hope


AFTERWARD: All right, all right, I admit it, the above information ended up being a non intentional lie, I really did have an intention to write more posts, but damnit, real life and painting just kept getting in the way. This blog will kick off again soon enough, I can't give you all a precise date, in the meantime keep on keeping on, whatever that means.

Also if you want some blindingly sensible reading that is to do with our, how shall I say it, generative organs, you could do far worse with your time than go here

More Peace and Hope



Anonymous Mel said...

l would love to see the 'Vulva Crew' add their art to this tree also. Otherwise it's just a... disease infected branch.

Funny you say? Apt, would be a more appropriate term given the higher grounds that most men afford themselves over the one thing that makes their existance valid.

Now that's funny!

1:30 AM  
Blogger fathercrow said...

Well, If I ever see an effort of this "Vulva Crew" I will of course post it.

But sadly, I haven't and so, we will all have to suffer under the dreadful weight of this patriarchal oppressive disease infected branch.


Seriously, lighten up,

Actually it's not a disease infected branch, it was made out of papier mache, and more than that.

A joke.

To take it seriously misses the point entirely.

And as for humour, I see little in the misandry of the previous comment.

Bit tetchy methinks. Says more about where you are at the moment then the art itself.

Peace and Hope


2:40 PM  
Blogger Gypsy James said...

@ Mel, get a grip man. Now That's funny.

@ fathercrow: Keep up the good work Mister.... bookmarked.


12:02 AM  

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