Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Deep

Image: Fathercrow descends 2008

The Deep, it starts in your chest and then reaches down, plunging vertiginously down, into the acid of your stomach like a rock from above.

The Deep makes you blind, sucks all the colors from the spectrum and leaves you suspended, infinity above, infinity below,

Then wondrous.

Even as the sun is replaced by moon in a gloaming of such strangeness and smoothly knotted gelatin luminescence, you are almost transfigured by its impossibly radiant biological rippling.

Sky becomes Sea, Sea, Sky, roles reversed as suspended Kelp stares with you, amazed as the mountain sways gently, coaxed by the movement of the Waves.

It truly is another Planet.

One where you are Alien.

Peace and Hope



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