Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Plagued by Plagiarism


Just a brief note to say that a fellow blogger "fowlerlennyjr" has fallen from grace into the deepest shit pit that can effect any writer and has debased himself by plagiarizing my article "away with the wookies" which can be found here

Fowlerlennyjr has cut and paste the piece, well most of it anyways, save one or two paragraphs, and he attempted, though not very attentively, to remove any mentions of my online handle from the article. You can read his clumsy piece of thievery, along with the textual rap on the knuckles I gave him here

I generally try to be understanding of my fellow web denziens, but this particular fellow, is just, not to put too fine a point on it, a cunt.

Feel free to drop over to his page and tell him what you think of people who steal others work.

Peace and Hope



Blogger Matt Amyx said...

I have to admit I cut and paste a lot but do always give props to the original writer. What that douche did was flat out lie and I can see why you would be miffed for sure.


5:48 PM  

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