Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Apparat Program

The word "apparat" is the old Soviet Era "bureaucracy" or "apparatus" the "bureaucrats" of this system were commonly referred to as "apparatchiks".

It's rare that I do this, just provide a link to another's page but so far I have gleaned quite a bit of enjoyment from Warren Ellis's Apparat program and so, have decided to share it with you, the denziens of the blogosphere.

The Apparat program is Ellis' attempt at spreading the music of unsigned artists who have sent in mp3's to him that give him a kick.

Ellis converts them into Podcast format and leaves them up for anyone to download.

The individual Apparat files comprise of up to seven tracks in compressed podcasts (about 23 meg in size), each file tends to comprise a mixture of tracks, some hard, some soft, some syncopated, some not. My personal preference so far is Apparat 2.

Ellis himself, as am I, is a huge fan of punk rock (emphasis on the "rock" side of it) and electronica. If these genres ring your bell, then it's high time you followed the above link and got some free gut stompin' music.

If you yourself are involved in making music (not "my mates in a band" or "I think you will really like this track by someone other than myself") send him an mp3 and you may find you and your band included in the next apparat program (he gets thousands of hits a day). Of course, he may think you're shit, but that's his perogative.

Support new bands, hear new tunes, and turn off that fucking top twenty radio station you daily subject yourself to, or else I will involve myself in a high magick ritual, and you may well find youself being fucked to death by rabid minks.

Peace and Hope.



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