Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Liberty and Security

Well, it's official, the knee jerk reaction to this countries (Ireland) rising organized crime problem has almost succeeded in wiping out what remains of what we once described as "Justice".

The old truism has finally manifested itself, there is no Justice, there's just us.

Gun crime has indeed increased in this country, this is due to a number of reasons, among which are the decomisioning and abandonment of Military campaigns by Militant groups in Ireland allowing their firearms to make it to the street, augmented by other factors like the changing demographics as many new cultures endeavour to make their home here, and of course the increased demand for cocaine. Cocaine demanded by, amongst other individuals, the fine solicitors of Ireland (at least two of whom I have actually seen imbibe the substance who will inevitably be applauding these recent decisions.)

Der ReichsFuhrer SS, sorry Justice Minister Michael McDowell as a response to the rising gun crime rate, the hysterical overreaction of the media, and the impending General Election has, in a body of new laws that resemble the American Rico Act of the 1970's decided to destroy many of the civil rights we take for granted.

It's the old story of loosing Liberty for Security. Didn't some American comment once on just such an exchange? Ah yes, I think it was Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

The proposed changes to our "justice" system will soon remove the right to silence of a suspect (a spin off of earlier anti-terrorist laws, where if an individual could not be proven to be a terrorist, his silence in response to questions would be taken as guilt, thus allowing a member of the police force to merely point and say, "he's a terrorist" which would be enough to secure a conviction). Also gone with the wind is a suspects right to have a trial by jury, leaving the decision to the Judge and whatever individual foibles he may have.

There are additional less concerning, though still worrying provisions that include the right to prevent a suspects release on bail whilst a trial is pending and allow full disclosure of a suspects criminal history during the trial.

Civil Liberties groups are described as being understandably "concerned". Really? concerned about the new abilities that allow the Government and its agents to condemn you to jail for undetermined amounts of time by merely pointing the finger at you, and saying that you are a "criminal".

Of course a Jury would throw this out of court, well, they would if you were still entitled to a Jury.

Perhaps it might be better to actually ensure that proper police work is actually done when dealing with these violent and ruthless criminals, police work that actually turns up what is known as "evidence" in order to put them away. This would thus make the streets safer whilst actually allowing the innocent to wander the streets without fear of arrest and imprisonment on the whim, grudge or impulse of an Officer of the law.

Or is that too forward thinking?

Peace and Hope



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