Thursday, September 07, 2006

Stephon Marbury's Starburys

National Basketball League stars have a long history of product association, every one from Michael Jordan, Kobe and Lebron have all had shoes named after them. Allot of these guys come from "the ghetto" and basketball is one of the few ways out of the pit of poverty for them. Only it seems that when most of them make it, the only thing they have on their minds is making as much money as possible in the short sporting careers they have.

The conventional wisdom of sneaker makers is that kids will only want exclusive and prohibitievley expensive sneakers, thus putting them in an elite Club. Stephon Marbury professional basketballer for the New York Knicks has decided to challenge the conventional industry wisdom, and in so doing remember and support the poor neighborhood that he emerged from, and all other poor neighborhoods for that matter.

The new Starbury basketball shoe costs a mere fifteen dollars and they're no cheap pieces of shit either, Marbury himself wears them on the court. In the words of the man himself "Two hundred to buy a pair of sneakers? That's groceries for the week,". So far the shoes are only sold in the US discount chain store Steve and Berry's, which makes a point of ensuring that a family can be clothed for the year on one hundred dollars. Apparently there is now a "two for one" limit on the shoes, two pairs for one customer no more. Queue's are apparently already forming around the various blocks where the stores are located.

No news on when the shoes are coming to Europe, but when they do, I'm gonna go out and get myself a pair (the ones in black are particlarly smooth). "History is going to say Stephon Marbury changed the game." says Marbury, we can forgive him the arrogance I think, the boy's doing good.

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